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i feel you, it took me about 4 weeks to rewatch spn.

It’s impressive

Today my mom asked me if in my cover letter I wrote that my interests were watching tv shows -_-


"How are you feeling?" Sam knew his voice was tired and raw, but he tried to at least sound steady, like everything was okay or going to be.

"I’m fine."

"You’re still a terrible liar, Cas. Just tell me, okay? I’d rather know."

Cas lay back on the bed, kicking the sheet off a bit more. It was hot, except it wasn’t. The fever was making it hard to tell. But he couldn’t tell Sam that.

"I’m not at my best. I feel… like I’m trapped in my vessel, and it won’t do what I want it to. It refuses to get better. But Hannah is looking after me."

"I’m glad she’s there. I wish it was me, though. You know I want to be there, don’t you?"

"I know," Cas answered, smiling. "I miss you, Sam. I know what you’re doing is important, and I want you to keep looking for Dean. All the same I… I wish you were here. Hannah is very kind, but she does not have a ‘bedside manner’."

Sam could hear the air quotes, and they made him laugh. He hadn’t done that in a long time, and the sensation was strange, like he’d forgotten how. He wanted so badly to be with Cas, to look after him, to figure out what was wrong and make him better, if he could. And if he couldn’t…

"If I was there, I’d be a pain, though. Taking your temperature all the time. Making you stay hydrated. You’d get tired of me."

"I’m sure I wouldn’t. You’d also… hug me, wouldn’t you? Because I’m not contagious, although I understand touching sick people can be—"

"Yeah, I would." It broke Sam’s heart the way Cas asked, the way he couldn’t be there to show him that he didn’t have to ask. “I know we didn’t really get past hugging, but I’d get in bed with you and hold you all night, if it made you feel better. Cas, I’d do anything to help you feel better.”

"I’d like that." Cas imagined what it would be like, having Sam curled up against his back, one heavy arm on top of him, reminding him that somebody cared. He wouldn’t even mind the heat. "I think I would like you to stay with me like that, so I could hug you whenever I needed to, and see you smile. I think that would be good for me."

Sam doubted whether he could smile convincingly, but he would try. For Cas, god how he’d try.

"I’d pet your hair, too. I know it sounds weird, but it’s comforting. Same with rubbing your back, and I’d… I’d kiss your forehead. Jess used to, when I was sick, and it always made me feel…"

"Loved," Cas supplied. Like now. Sam was making him feel loved.

"Yeah." There was quiet for a moment, but Cas could hear the car in the background. Sam shouldn’t be talking on the phone while driving, but Cas was too selfish to scold him. "I do, you know," Sam finally said. "Love you."

There were tears on Cas’s cheeks. Being sick made him feel so much more. Or maybe it was just Sam making him feel everything. Just Sam.

"I love you, too, Sam. I wish you were here," he repeated, "so I could show you how much. I’d like for you to kiss me; I’d very much like to kiss you." His forehead, his dimples, his smile. He would kiss Sam until they were too tired to kiss anymore, and he’d fall asleep with his lips on Sam’s skin.

Cas could practically hear Sam thinking, and part of him wanted to hear him say he’d turn the car around, come find him, even if just for a day. He pulled himself up until he sat against the bars at the head of the bed.

"Don’t do it."


"Don’t come. Dean needs you," he made himself say. "I’m okay, and you have to save Dean."


"I mean it, Sam. Go save your brother, and when you’ve done that, come find me, and you can kiss me all you want. Understood?"

"Fine. Okay, but Cas, you have to promise me you’ll be there when I’m done, okay? You have to fight this thing. You got that?"

"I ‘got’ it, Sam. I’ll be here. I promise."

"Good. I love you."

"I love you, too."

Cas let the phone fall beside him on the bed, so he could reach it more easily if Sam called back. There was a chill now, or maybe it was just the fever. He let himself sink back down onto his side on the mattress and pulled the sheet and plaid blanket over him, trying to imagine they were Sam, Sam’s strong arms wrapped around him and Sam’s voice in his ear, whispering I love you.

Okay it’s been a month exactly since I started watching Criminal Minds. I’m 8 episodes away from finishing season 8 (I’m confident I’ll finish it tomorrow)….

Nearly 8 seasons in 1 month wow

As I mentioned in some tags yesterday, I have never watched a TV show this long so fast…

However I made a mistake, I said I watched supernatural in 3 to 4 months

I didn’t… I know I started watching somewhere in january 2013, my guess is middle january, though it could have been earlier, unlikely to have been later, since my exams finished early that year and I started watching soon after I was done with my exams…

But I thought I had caught up with season 8 in May, but I remembered that when I caught up, Goodbye Stranger had been the last episode released. I remember already watching Freaks and Geeks right after it was released. Goodbye Stranger aired on 20th March and the next one on the following week, so I caught up somewhere between those 2 episodes.

So I watched nearly 8 seasons of Supernatural in little more than 2 months…

Okay that was still pretty fast, specially considering my classes started on middle february.

Still I was right that this pace with Criminal Minds is a personal record!!


I’m impressed with myself

Okay but first we get JJ’s kid cosplaying Reid

And in the next episode we get Morgan and Reid playing softbol and then hugging when they win and the whole team being extremely happy

and there’s a creepy guy taking their photos and that means bad news, but ignore that and let’s just rejoice in their happiness

I’m so happy





Jared on Jensen’s Tell at NJCon 2014 [X]

Damn it Emily is leaving!! :(

But JJ got married and it was beautiful

And I finally got my scene of Reid playing with her son *u*


bts on “sin city”


bts on “sin city”

Martin Freeman has a palette of subtlety. And I thought, this is a new sort of acting that I’ve never seen before. - Sir Ian McKellen