"Breathe, breathe, breathe, you ready?


"I think you will agree I am pretty eloquent and surprisingly tall for a 6 year old."


Green cooler appreciation gifset (requested by samspurpletoothbrush)


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J2 + doing silly stuff together

Okay, they just announced the first international actor/actress for comic con Portugal

It’s Natalie Dormer!

Not bad


Ahem: firefighter Sam and doctor Cas. And Sam constantly being in the hospital either to visit the people who were injured in the fire or because he was injured himself because he’s a moron who doesn’t take care of himself and Cas is constantly scolding him for it like, “I thought I told you never to come back here.”

And Sam, with an oxygen mask on, just grins and blows Cas a kiss and rasps, voice almost gone from all the smoke he inhaled, “You’d miss me if I never ended up in the ER again.”

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Publicity Photoshoot [x]


A wet dog ▽・ω・▽


A wet dog ▽・ω・▽

Because Sam not only knew what Dean was referring to before he finished his sentence, but was reaching into his pocket for it before Dean began to speak.


Jensen talks about Jared’s hair at DC Con 2014 (x)